Rock Bottom.


So I’ve let a lot of people down in my life lately.

People who love me.

And whom I love.

And those people are not just disappointed in me, but hurt.

Because when you fail, or fail to try, or fail even to try to try, you’re not the only person who loses.

For the first time really, I think I’m realizing that.  I’ve hit rock bottom.

I’m not angry at myself this time for letting other people down, although I’ve done so again.  I’m angry at myself for not being the person I could and should be.

I’m hoping that realization is enough to produce change.  This time, I’m not just sorry that other people are sick of my act.  I’m fucking sick of my act.

All this post is, of course, is general emotions.  Nothing specific.  But the specifics that might concern you are this: I’m done with being lazy, and you’re going to be seeing more of me.


4 Responses to “Rock Bottom.”

  1. gryfft Says:

    Do, or do not.

  2. Sebatinsky Says:

    Ari – welcome back.

    Gryfft – I just watched that movie.

  3. G.S. Williams Says:

    Dude, how are you? long time no see. What’s going on with 55 a day? I totally miss that stuff, it was so much fun.

  4. aricollins Says:

    I’m actually trying to get 55aday back up. It was a lot of fun when I was doing it, and could be a good part of getting me off my ass.

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