What’s Up, Laze?


So what have I been up to that has not been blogging here?:

1. Playing tons of poker and doing well again.  I think, after years of making money overall in poker but with maddening inconsistency, I’ve finally figured out how to lower the volatility.  I’m probably making $15-$20 an hour, which ain’t bad.  Better than the jobs I’ve been able to find around Syracuse.  You know, the ones I couldn’t keep.

2. Starting a sci-fi western.  When I say “starting” I mean “writing half a page last night of”, but still.

3. Making The Girlfriend into The Fiancee.

4. Being impressed that The Fiancee is back to writing City of Night, and updating with fair consistency.  Check it out.

5. Reading a ton of baseball, politics, and World of Warcraft blogs.

6. Oh, and playing too much World of Warcraft.  But I think I have it at least marginally under control now.  I’ve only been playing one day a week for the last two weeks.  Huzzah.

7. Bungling school and the OCC Literary Society.  Both will probably be okay.

8. Volunteering my time at a cat rescue organization and a dog rescue organization.  Good times.  Lots of fur.

Hopefully post some writing again soon now that I’m not playing as much WoW.


2 Responses to “What’s Up, Laze?”

  1. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Congratulations on making The Girlfriend into The Fiancee! Congratulations also on making consistent money through poker and on getting your WoW-time under control. It sounds like things are going pretty well.

  2. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Also–any plans for anything 55-word-story-related?

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