It appears that Gryfft has abandoned us…


…for the glory of time travel.

Yes, according to the last known interaction with the man, he is going into “Self-imposed exile for the purposes of time travel.”

“Six months entirely cut off from humanity– no post, no email, no radio, no television, no chats over coffee, no billboards, no rush hour, nothing.”

I certainly hope it was not his intention to suprise everyone with this.


2 Responses to “It appears that Gryfft has abandoned us…”

  1. gryfft Says:

    Heh, it probably won’t happen for another year at least. But it’s something I’d very much like to do.

  2. Sebatinsky Says:

    Leave us, doppelganger!

    We will not be fooled! Our good friend Robert has already forewarned us of his absence – your foul deceit shall not sway us!

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