Battlestar Galactica


Huge frakin’ spoilers, don’t read unless you don’t care or already saw it all.

In the following I will argue that nothing supernatural happened in Battlestar Galactica.

Let’s look at God in Battlestar Galactica. What capabilities does he show?

For one, he’s immortal, as his plan is clearly in place over a period of thousands of years.

Second, he is very good at hiding.

Third, he can impart visions.

Fourth, he can resurrect the dead.

1: Immortality is nothing special on BSG. Nothing special at all. Next.

2. The short-lived stealth fighter shows it’s possible to block DRADIS contact. Invisibility of other kinds is easily afforded if you have certain levels of control… which I’ll ¬†go into in a bit.

3. Cylons have projection. Cylons can mate with humans. Kara Thrace came back from the dead. If there’s an explanation, it’s ressurection used with a human being. Therefore Cylon technology can be compatible with human beings. Also, if it’s possible to download an entire mind wirelessly, it’s possible to send a projection. What I’m saying is maybe Roslin was just seeing things, or maybe she had something plopped into her head. Sleight of hand gets much cooler when you have sufficiently advanced technology. (Gaius’ Head Six and Caprica’s Head Baltar, too.) What I’m saying is: seeing things that aren’t there does not a deity make.

4. Ressurection of the dead has also got to work with humans. Kara Thrace did it.

God isn’t a supernatural creature. He’s very clearly something in control of the Cylons and the Human race. Check it out: all of humanity simultaneously decides “Hey, let’s throw away all our antibiotics and hunt ANIMALS.” Stupid decision. If it were a decision. Which it’s not. It was a programmed task. Humanity was programmed to give up their technology. It was all planned. It was all “meant to happen.” God isn’t benevolent or loving or supernatural. He’s got sufficiently advanced technology.


One Response to “Battlestar Galactica”

  1. Sonja Says:

    I think the most interesting phrases were in the last few minutes when Six and Baltar are walking modern day earth.

    Six: That too is in God’s plan.
    Baltar: You know it doesn’t like that name!

    Personally, I think the pronoun supports your theory. I wonder if they’ll ever elaborate.

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