Doubleplus Alan Moore


A great paragraph making fun of 1984-speak, from Alan Moore’s “Black Dossier”:


Docs after in olspeak.  Untruth, make-ups only.  Make-ups make THOUGHTCRIME.  Careful.  Supervisor rank or not to read.  This warn you.  THOUGHTCRIME in docs after.  SEXCRIME in docs after.  Careful.  If self excited, report.  If other excited, report.  Everything report.  Withold accurate report is INFOCRIME.  This warn you.  Are you authorised, if no stop read now!  Make report!  We know.  Careful.  Any resemblance, living or dead, is ungood.  Make report.  If fail make report, is INFOCRIME.  Make report.  If report made on failing to make report, this paradox.  Paradox is LOGICRIME.  Do not do anything.  Do not fail to do anything.  This warn you.  Why you nervous?  Was it you?  We know.  IMPORTANT: Do not read next sentence.  This sentence for official inspect only.  Now look.  Now don’t.  Now look.  Now don’t.  Careful.  Everything not banned compulsory.  Everything not compulsory banned.  Viewes expressed within not necessarily those of publishers, editors, writers, characters.  You did it.  We know.  This warn you.

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