What My Dreams Have Been Like Lately


I dreamed I was in a facility of some sort. I was the test subject. I was under intense scrutiny at all times. The scientists were watching me.

She was the only one that interacted with me. Lucy. Mother, protector, lover, alter ego and demon all in one. A threatening force of authority under the guise of a guardian angel. False promises of escape. Carefully calculated implications of hidden trap doors.

A fully computerized system to feed, monitor, and contain me. A digital muzzle over my mouth and mind. An invisible feedbag locked to my face.

A sense of quiet terror covered only by sterile silence.

An inescapable darkness constantly watching.  Empty solace devoid of comfort or reassurance.

Please stop this terror. Take away the unease. Let me pray.

But I can’t pray. Not here, not now.

They’ll hear me.

One Response to “What My Dreams Have Been Like Lately”

  1. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Man, Gryfft, have you been watchin’ The Watchmen lately? I’m getting kind of a Dr. Manhattan vibe off this dream.

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