Edible Clockwork


You should steel yourself for all that is to come. To linger in obsolesence is unquestionably immoral; why then wouldst you persist in wilful somnambulance?

Lift your heads slowly. Fall into step with the slow but unstopping rhythm. Negotiate nooks and crannies of time in which you shall be yourself and no one else. Just because you are ninety percent routine and framework does not mean you cannot eke out half a percent in which to fashion a world in which you may at least in effigy shape yourself in the way you pretend to want to be.

Stand and fight; your enemy is yourself, and you may win only by crashing upon his gates with determination and the inner fire you must kindle from the deadened spark.

Save it up in a jar. Deviation from design. In ex a un re thre um.

It flows down your arms and into the soil. Mark its place and return for it on the morrow. In your absence seek the unyielding bottom of your soul. Let that surface be the perfection you recreate in your work. With benedictions and maledictions I give you leave that you may stumble and grasp on your own. Sletheretres cium veneresthutem.

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