Writing Again


This is to make sure I’ve promised it to someone.  In writing.  About writing.

I’m going to write today.  I’m going to write a shitload.  OCC has a weird late start to classes, so this is my first day.  And I have a weird schedule this year, so Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m going to be gone all day, from 7:45 am to at least 5 pm.  I’ll have plenty of writing time in between, since I’ll spend about 75 minutes on buses each way to school, plus probably some Secret Writing Time in classes like “Contemporary Math”, “Education of Diverse Populations”, and “Assertiveness Training”.  And then I’m going to have some time stuck in a nearby strip mall waiting for a ride, at least until I can rearrange my schedule to be more bus-friendly.  Plus, on day one they usually let classes out early.  Which is fine for the students who don’t have four classes in one day.

And I feel like I’m bursting with projects lately.  I’ve got this Westgate idea, which should be plain fun, and then there’s the Gryfft-Sebs-Me Serial Killer-Victims-Detective thing, plus my Labyrinth story and The Feeling Killers (better title to come).

Okay, off to shower and then to school.  Later, plebes.

3 Responses to “Writing Again”

  1. deathbychiasmus Says:

    It’s good to promise things sometimes. I will remember your promise!

    The bus is a great place for writing. Sometimes I wish it was an equally great place for drawing.

  2. Sebatinsky Says:

    I see Gryfft passed along the idea. Now to see who’s writing which part…

  3. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Hey, how is all that writing going, Ari? How did the writing storm go? Drop me an email and let me know, or something.

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