Notes From an Interview


[Name Omitted]

Nicknamed “Ketchup bottle” as a child


Writes historical fiction

strong interest in history


started in 7th/8th grade


20/30 page stories


LB Bell Blueprint   Cancer survivor


5 years out of chemo, 6 years since diagnosis


academic in high school, newfound social life in college with more intellectual crowd


philosophy, history, self-styled “nerd”


voracious reader


above college level reading in 7th grade “eyes burning with intellect”


TCC since fall ’05


imaginer, very much an explorer


consumer of universes in fiction — esp. “Dune”


“Becomes” characters he writes


Born in Arlington, TX 


Celtic heritage, very proud


Dec 86


Learned to become “invisible”   absorbed comic books


“disappear into other worlds”


Furcadia D:


12-pt Geneva Double-spaced

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