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I had my first day of class today. Reporting I. It’s gonna be pretty good, I thinks. It’s going to give me a few qualities I’ve been looking to infuse into my writing and myself, namely structure, clarity, and the ability to meet deadlines and reach a level of output that I can keep up.


Speakin’ o’ that, I’ve made a bet with one Tyrus Peace that requires me to write four thousand words a week and him to do four panels of comicking a week. My four thousand words probably won’t be directly injected into Bleakly, ’cause I think I’m gonna do some retooling of Bleakly before I start updating on the regular, but I’m gonna be trying to write interesting things over here. Also, this means I can start holding Tyrus to regular updates without feeling bad about myself as a person. (Not that he’s been bad about it lately. He’s been updating pretty regularly with some pretty sweet arts.)


Back to Reporting I– I get an A in the class if I get 81 inches of articles published. I’ve written over 700 inches of Bleakly. How much of Bleakly is printable? Probably not 81 inches but see, this is what I’m talking about. This is why I need this class. 


Also, it appears I’ve lost my most recent backup of Bleakly, and will have to re-transcribe from the online archives. So it goes. 


Getting back into writing is a weird, strange thing. It’s as though there are pressure valves in your mind, and they get accustomed to content flowing in one direction or the other. I had become a consumer. Bad, bad me.


On another note, I know artists, musicians, and writers, but no animators. I’m trying to convince the female to take up animation. We shall see.


Also, we should totally collaborate! On a project! A collaborative project. 


Today’s fictional word is: BANTHA. Please tell me how you feel about this.


Also new president holy shit




Banal Bantha would be a badass name for a band.




Four thousand words is a lot of words. I mean, a LOT of words. Lots and lots of words.

When you’re writing them. Reading them, four thousand words fly by. Four thousand words is a breath, a whisper. (If they’re well-written.)

 I see it as my duty to make myself able to write pages and pages at the drop of a hat. If I wish it to be my livelihood, at any rate, I’m going to need to be capable of fully expressing myself in a pleasing manner whensoever you might desire me to.

(Where “you” means “getting paid to do this as an actual job”)

Also, I just found out that if I write an average of 571 words a day, I got this 4000 words a week thing taken care of! NO PROBLEM DUDES! As a matter of fact, just rambling on right here, I’ve written about five hundred words!


Now, the problem of quality.


Quantity has really been my big problem. As in, getting myself to write at all. There’s really two steps here: 

1. Get myself to fucking write

2. Cut out all the shitty writing leaving only the chance, quality stuff


That reminds me of my own personal battle with whether I like postmodernism because it’s actually more talented than straight, conventional writing, or whether it just seems easy and deeper than it really is. The real question is whether Derrida is full of shit.

Ironically and postmodernly enough, I think the answer is both. (If you doubt this, go read House of Leaves.)


Reading through this  SomethingAwful post reminds me how very much I love creativity.



I’m listening to “Feed the Animals” by Girl Talk.

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  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    I am in Beginning Reporting this semester.

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