Books: A Game of Thrones


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A friend of mine has been trying to get me to read A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin for years.

I just went ahead and borrowed it from him, and I have to say — this is some of the best high fantasy I’ve read. An unjustly long book at over 800 pages, it is also surprisingly gripping.

Each chapter is written from a 3rd person limited point of view, but each also follows a different character. The story isn’t told so much as it just coalesces. There are characters to love, characters to hate, and many characters to be mildly confused by.

At first, I was mildly put off by the feeling of omniscience you gain from seeing so much that other characters have no clue about, but that feeling gave way to a certain level of awe at the grandeur of the whole thing.

If “grand” and “sweeping” and “epic” are what you are looking for, this book has them — and promises more for later in the series. Ah, yes, like all fantasy books, it seems, this is but one novel in a series. I’ve just picked up the second, A Clash of Kings, and it is longer than the first. Regardless, I started today, and am about 160 pages in – around classes and work.

All-in-all, a great fantasy book. If you like the genre, you need to read this book – it avoids many of the clichés that riddle fantasy fiction. If you don’t like the genre, well, unless your dislike is founded on the clichés… you might want to pass.

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