Often, we are shoved a few steps back. Most of us have learned to take this in stride, and now quicken our pace to bring ourselves back to our previous location.

Less often, we are shoved backward, shoved again, and then grabbed by the hair and bodily dragged away from where we’d like to be.

I think it is safe to say that these occurrences frustrate us.

Perhaps it ends there – but should it? Is there not a much larger, more important emotion to take away from this? Isn’t frustration such a useless emotion, like a potato peeler roughly applied to your skin?

Well, I say gratitude. The emotion we really should feel is gratitude. No person reading this diatribe has any excuse to be unsatisfied with life. How many meals have you eaten of those you should have? Enough. How much leisure time has been built into your life? Your literacy is evidence of extraordinary privilege. Not everyone is so lucky.

No, do not feel ashamed. Your luck was not the cause of anyone’s misfortune. Perhaps, however, some gratitude would be in order – and some empathy for the plight of others.

Perhaps, even, your unfortunate turn of events will spur you to action.

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