So I’m reading my professor’s PowerPoint slides to study up for my final History exam today, and here’s a couple quick notes on Indians:

1. A number of names for tribes were given to us by other tribes, and those names are usually not very nice: “Adirondack” means “tree-eater” (oughtta call The Girlfriend that) while “Pequot” means “destroyers”.

2. Continuing the name game, a Massassoit leader was named “Metacomet”.  If that’s not a cool false friend, I don’t know what is.

3. I wrote my book report on Our Savage Neighbors, which is an awesome new book about how the Indians responded to the invasion with brutal terrorism, and how that terrorism united the country as “white people”, a term that, surprisingly, didn’t really exist beforehand.  It’s about the creation of the idea of race by the print media of the time. That’s the main point of the book, but it’s also about how the media and politicians of the time used the war and the fear and hate of another race to target their enemies as friends of terrorists and get their agendas passed.  (Sound familiar?)

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