The Scarlett Johansson Sex Tape Project


So here’s my idea.  You do a series of Youtube videos purporting to be video responses, but they’re responses to a video that doesn’t exist.  You can use your imagination, and your response would cast light on the original “video”.  Maybe you have more than one person shoot these responses to the same “clip”.

That’s the basic idea.

You could also even have an original video that you’re responding to, but get it deleted by Youtube (shouldn’t be hard).  Then the link would show that marvelous “this video is no longer available” or whatever.  My original idea is that the story here would be that you’re responding to a video you thought was a Scarlett Johansson Sex Tape.  But it turned out to be some kind of alien message propogated by Youtube that made people into sort of subconscious Youtube zombies or something.  Viral video!

But it could be anything.  Either you do, like, a sustained story, with different people responding to the video at different times at different parts of the country as “episodes”, or you could even just do short stories.  It could be like 55aday, only… run by someone better than me, hopefully.  Maybe a me that’s better than me.

So yeah, I’m thinking we should do some kind of, like, video response jam, where people are invited to be creative and respond to our call for videos with video responses to their own imagined clips.

It would be like a casting call for writer/actors, or like an exquisite corpse wandering Youtube, or maybe This Is Not A Response Video.

Now all’s I need’s a fricking camera.

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5 Responses to “The Scarlett Johansson Sex Tape Project”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    You’re all over that surrealist influence, eh?

  2. aricollins Says:

    Actually, I’d say it’s more postmodern than surrealist… Some surrealism in the project might be fun, though!

  3. Sebatinsky Says:

    I just meant your examples. The surrealists played exquisite corpse and Magritte was a surrealist painter.

  4. aricollins Says:

    I know Magritte’s one of your favorite guys (as evidenced by your clever icon), but I always thought he was more a postmodernist than a surrealist. Though obviously there’s more than a little interlap going on in those movement/genres. Also, I have only a passing knowledge of him, really. (Okay, I pretty much have only have a passing knowledge of anyone.)

  5. Sebatinsky Says:

    Well, he really moved beyond surrealism, but, then again, so did most of the surrealists. He was best known as a surrealist though, and was actually head of the Belgian surrealists, IIRC. He was a friend of Andre Breton, who was the nominal leader of the surrealist movement.

    I like his work better than most of the surrealists, and the 2 standout artists the surrealist movement produced (Magritte and Dali) were both not quite surrealists. I dunno, a similar thing happened to the Dadaists, many of whom became surrealists.

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