The Many Deaths of All Your Friends, Story One Part One


One day, the walls stopped moving.

Marek didn’t notice at first. None of them did. The walls had shifted like clockwork since they’d arrived in the maze, the grid changing every six hours and 19 minutes. The walls moving and the sun not had been Marek’s only constants for the past… however long it had been.

“Think it’s almost time for our shift to end?” Marek asked. “What’s your watch say? Tom?”

Tom sat up with a start. “What? Shit. I was dozing again. Dreaming of Harvey and that goddamn bat thing. What’s up?”

“Your turn for sleep’s coming next, but for now it’s your job to keep watch, man. You didn’t see what happened to Allison, Tom. We’ve gotta keep watch.”

“Sorry. Didn’t sleep at all yesterday, kept hearing things. Plus the daylight, you know. Tired enough now to maybe sleep the whole way through after this watch is done.”

“Yeah, so when is this shift done? I thought the walls would’ve moved by now.”

Tom looked at his wrist and frowned. “Can’t be right. Been six and a half hours since our guard shift started. Maybe… Maybe we missed the walls?” He stared hard at Marek. “Maybe you were dozing too?”

Marek shrugged. “I guess I could’ve. Might not know, you know?” He stood up. “Let’s talk to Yabs.”

He walked across their makeshift camp towards Yabs’ fur-lined tent, feeling a pang of envy that it was Tom who’d had the skills to skin the floater. Yabs had given Tom a hug in return. And maybe more. Funny how stuff like that still went on, even in the maze. Marek gave a short laugh before catching himself.

“What’s the joke,” asked Tom.

“Yabs’ tent over there,” Marek replied. “You making it, me wishing… Anyway, about that floater. How’d you know where he’d scuttle off to next? You had to know, you walked straight to him. Or as straight as you can in this place.”

Tom shrugged. “Just… knew it.” He smiled.

“Come on already. I’m not falling for that ‘I’m psychic!’ shit. You figured something out, didn’t you?”

“Oh, I’ve figured a lot of stuff out. You need to get out more, Marek. See the sights.”

Marek stifled his response. No one talked until they reached Yabs’ tent.

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