Proposition 8 – The Musical!


A brilliant two-minute musical. Plus, every time I’ve rewatched it I’ve recognized another face in the chorus. Even if I only know one of them as “that guy from Zack and Miri”.

And this one reminds me to link not just Dr. Horrible on Hulu but also The Joke – The Musical (David Cross and Jack Black, among others from Mr. Show). Unfortunately, for some reason, I could only find it in two different Youtubes, and missing about 10 seconds. Still worth watching:

Part One:

Part Two (ten seconds of Jack Black later):

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2 Responses to “Proposition 8 – The Musical!”

  1. Neil Says:

    The shrimp / shellfish argument used in the video is full of holes but is appealing to many because so few bother to study the passages. I address five serious problems with it in flaws of the shellfish argument.

    Did you notice how the sodomy depiction in the video involved a woman in back? It was as if they thought using a guy would be too gross. Seems kinda homophobic of them.

  2. aricollins Says:

    Hey, Neil,

    Thanks for the comment.

    However, where your argument falls short is that the degree of the punishment and the degree of the Bible’s reaction to the “crime” may differ, but that is a straw man, as no one is saying (except in jest) that they are actually on par. The point is that the Bible lays out many rules for living, and these rules (besides often contradicting other parts of the Bible) are clearly rules laid out by men of the times, NOT by the word of God. Any serious scholar of the Bible is aware of the numerous documents that failed to make it into the Bible. There was a selection process, a human attempt to shape the Bible to their beliefs. What one group of men thought appropriate behavior was two thousand years ago has little to do with what we strive for today, which is (among many other things), basic civil rights to all humans.

    Honestly, I have nothing against Christianity, and neither do most people making this argument (obviously I cannot generalize for the entire group any more than you can for any group). I think Faith is a beautiful thing, and I think many secularists focus on the problems the Christian institution has caused in recent centuries, which ignores both the immense number of good works that Christians have done and the fact that the religion is NOT the institution. Any institution composed of men will have immense faults, and equating the institution with its faith is a logical issue.

    But that merely underscores the point: the difference between faith and dogma. One can believe in the Christian God without believing that every word in the Bible (which is, at heart, a millenia-old human creation to advise people on the best way to live their life as a Christian) is literally true. To make an argument for how we should live our life, one needs to make a moral argument, or a logical argument, not an argument by picking and choosing different parts of the Bible to support your belief.

    It’s a matter of choosing the letter of the Bible over the spirit of the Bible. It is not unlike arguments of Constitutional Law. Sure, the Constitution says that all men are created equal, not all women, but does that mean we can’t have universal suffrage? Times change, and the spirit of the documents we revere needs to be preserved. We live in a very different time than we did twenty years ago, let alone attempting to follow rules imposed by someone two hundred or two thousand years ago. And then only following the rules that fit our particular beliefs, and ignoring the others.

    So yeah, now I’ve spent a significant portion of my morning arguing with someone who is no doubt spam-commenting the blogs that link that particular musical. I should have listened to xkcd:

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