Happy Thanksgiving – Holy Crap, Dinosaur Comics!


Hope you guys all had a good holiday and are continuing to eat leftovers.

Meanwhile, this is one of those comics that made me go, “All right, that’s what I’m talking about.”

Check it out.

The best part is the mouseover text, or whatever that stuff’s actually technically called.  Alt text, I think.  Whatever that kind of text is, this here’s one of its finest examples.

Also, I won the 1 AM Hearts game with a score of 33.  All those hours of computer hearts paid off.  A little.  Kind of.  Almost worth it?

Later, guys.

One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving – Holy Crap, Dinosaur Comics!”

  1. Jackson Says:

    That Dinosaur Comics is amazing. The alt text is frankly so wonderful that it would almost be worth incorporating an extra panel, just to display it as part of the comic.

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