I did it.  I did the Hundred.

I made my first attempt at the full consecutive hundred push-ups on Monday evening, after Lee and Kevin had gone home after watching Akira.  My body felt ready to bust them out, but I think I was too tense and burned too much energy on the first twenty.  By the time I got to #80, I was straining and moving way too slowly to finish out, and I died at #90.

I said to myself, I can try again in a day or two.  If I fail, I can always redo the last week of training reps exercises.  But I really didn’t want to redo week six if I didn’t have to.

So on Tuesday I didn’t retry the pushups.

Then today I did.

When I saw it was after 2 PM already, I realized I had to stop not doing this and do this.  I turned on “River City Rammstein” on my winamp playlist, got in push-up position, and waited the first eight measures, primed to go with the music.  The hook kicked in, and I started busting out the push-ups.

The first twenty were easy.  I established a rhythm and started counting in groups of ten.  Somewhere between twenty and thirty, I started thinking and feeling the stuff in my mind that makes each push-up take an eternity, but I recognized it and stepped back from my mind and started thinking in physical numbers.  I hit the groove and before I knew it I had knocked back some seven sets of ten in total.

That’s when it started to hurt.

It started to hurt more at eighty.  That’s also when my right hand fell asleep.  However, I wasn’t slowing down, and I knew I had another twenty in me.  The beat of the music pulled me through to #90.  Then the slowdown hit, and I strained forward.  Now both hands were asleep.  Four more to go.  Three.  Two.  One.

And I did it.

Sucking wind with an aggressive ache in my biceps, I rolled onto my back with “River City Rammstein” still blaring.  The victory hung in the air with each heavy breath.  Spontaneously I pumped my fists toward the ceiling and screamed, “YEAH!”  It felt so good that I decided to scream something else: “WOOO!”  I could feel the blood throbbing in my still-asleep hands.


I did it.  I did a hundred push-ups.

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2 Responses to “100Pushups”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    That’s pretty rockin’. Maybe I should tackle that.

  2. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Thanks. I highly recommend it. 🙂

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