Silly Scene I Wrote In Class


“You wanted a duel,” she said, stepping over the guards’ bodies. She walked through a red haze – the blood steaming off her solar bayonet.

I stood up from my throne, neg hammer in hand. “I’d risk my life to rid the world of you.”

She shook her head. “You could’ve smothered me in bodies, yesterday or years ago. Your brother’s army-”

“My army,” I calmly interrupted.

“The royal army,” she smirked. “They could’ve swept me away with a single order from you. Instead, you sent your lieutenants one by one, sacrificed so I’d be sure to reach you.”

I fingered the smooth oval button on the hammer’s pommel. “I should activate the time cage you’re standing on right now.” She just smiled at me and raised her bayonet. “Fine,” I said, hefting my hammer. “As you wish.” I lunged.

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