Shut up.


So Collins has got more things on the front page than I do. Whoop-de-frigging do.


It DOES mean it’s time for me to do more writing than I have been doing. I mean in my absence from the blog-o-sphere-o-matic my buddy MATT made and fleshed out his very own blog. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? I must write my thoughts so that you may see them. All unstructured and shit, all raunchy as hell. You love it.

And now a crappy cell phone picture of a stream of consciousness 


wait-- okay yes

wait-- okay yes

all right what was i going to write here i do not remember


I was going to give away my third copy of House of Leaves. The guy I was going to give it to did not show up to class.

In closing I need to finish ‘Seven Days’ and I’m going to update Bleakly soon. If you haven’t read Bleakly, go read it right now. If you have read it, you might want to review. Hell, I need to review so I can figure out what-all’s going on.

I’m back. (No I’m not.) Oh wait by ‘back’ I meant schizophrenic

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One Response to “Shut up.”

  1. aricollins Says:

    So I dunno, I’d certainly take the copy off your hands since it’s a book I oughtta own, but then again, I’ve already read it. I bet Sebs or Jackson would enjoy it.

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