Dreamt Philosophical Wax


I dreamt last night that I was being chased by someone.  That someone turned out to be a strange, dark version of myself, a bit pudgier, and with a full beard. (Actually, in retrospect, he looked like The Girlfriend’s cousin; such is the way of dreams.)  He chased me through a city at night (looked like NYC).  (My dreams always happen specifically at night or during the day.  Never thought about that before.)

He caught up with me in a subway station underground.  Only then did I realize he was just a different version of myself.

“We’re so alone all the time,” he said to me.  “Even though you and I are almost the same person.”

“Well,” I said, “with certain people, we can at least be alone together.”

He headed towards double doors at the end of the subway platform.  He opened them and beckoned towards me.  I looked in and saw that it opened into unused subway tunnels.  Though it’s something I’ve always wanted to explore in real life, I was afraid.  It was pitch black in there, the darkest I’ve ever seen in a dream.  “I can’t go in there,” I said.  “There’s no light.”  He turned on a flashlight, lighting up a very small portion of it.  I shook my head no and ran.

My interpretation?   My subconsious is telling me it’s time to start writing again.

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