Reasons I Haven’t Been Blogging/Updating 55aday


1. I am a lazy SOB (also SOL with an SEG).  (This is the main reason for sure, though the others are contributing factors.)

2. My computer is in the shop.

3. I lost my job, leaving me a bit depressed.

4. I bought a Wii (just before losing my job).

4a. I yesterday managed to play so much Wii tennis that I severely hurt my arm.  It hurts to lift a sock.  (Which was a problem when I did several loads of laundry last night.)  It’s somewhat better this morning, at any rate.

5. The Red Sox made a run at a huge historic comeback.

Many of these things are temporary distractions.  However, it should be noted that after the baseball postseason ends, I promised The Girlfriend that I would start playing World of Warcraft with her.  So in fact you may never see me again.

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