Okay, now, whichever side you’re on politically, doesn’t it suck living in a guaranteed-blue or guaranteed-red state? I’m in New York, and if Obama loses it, he’s already lost at least 40 other states and is screwed. So proselytizing here for either side makes no difference whatsoever.

That’s why I’m going to phone-bank. I’m going to call some swing states (with my free nights and weekends!) and try to do some convincing. I know that Obama will give you lists of people to call and a basic script to use, and I’m assuming McCain will too.

If you’re interested in doing your part to swing a swing state to your respective side, go here for Obama or go here for McCain.

Talk. Discuss issues. Link people to terrorists. (Which, surprisingly, both sides can do, if they stretch enough.) Let’s talk this out, talk it down, talk about this one or that one.

GOTV: Get out the vote. (That would also make a good name for a television channel. Unless it was about a Chinese board game. That would not be as fun.)

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One Response to “Phone-Banking”

  1. deathbychiasmus Says:

    We need to make GOTV shirts, and sell them. Sell them to the five people who regularly read this blog.

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