I dreamt of meat.


So that was a strange strange dream.  There was a zoo where they kept man-eating monkeys.  Many different species.  And late one night one of the night zookeepers got too close to one of the cages and one of the monkeys grabbed him and knocked him out and grabbed his keys (or something like all that) and soon all the monkeys were out and eating him.

I was one of those monkeys.

So we’re all eating this guy, who now looks like he’s made out of meat.  And maybe this is the fact that I until recently w*rked in a deli department, but he really looked like he was made out of sausages and ham and deli turkey and such.  Different organs made out of different meats.  But not in a gross way; I was a meat-eating monkey, so it all looked tasty!

So at some point my reservations outweighed my hunger (maybe I just got full?) and I said, “Hey guys.  This is wrong.  This guy’s a good guy, and we’re eating him.”

“Okay,” one of them said.  “But he’s already dead now.”

“It’s still wrong,” I said.  So we stopped eating his dead body.

This is why I don’t keep a dream journal any longer.

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One Response to “I dreamt of meat.”

  1. deathbychiasmus Says:

    It would seem that you are a highly principled and ethical man-eating monkey.

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