Which Is Sadder?


1. The way that this online exam I’m taking for OCC actually tells you when you givethe wrong answer, then not only lets you go back and try again but actually MAKES you go back and try again until you get it…


2. The fact that I nonetheless took six tries to get this one question right.  A question, I might had, that only has five possible answers.

I blame television.  I am trying to take this test while switching between a playoff game and a vice presidential debate.

I think the baseball announcers are actually doing a better job of covering today’s issues.

P.S. My education teacher thinks that the debate is between “nature” and “nuture”.  This is pretty far from a one-time mistake on her part.  I’d like to say that I haven’t corrected her because it would end a beautiful thing, or because maybe it SHOULD be spelled that way, or some such.  But of course it’s just that I’m as cowed by anti-intellectualism and self-consciousness as anyone else.

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