An almost immediate followup to the previous THINGS FROM TEH INTARWEB post.

The Greatest Roommate Story Ever – It really is.

Clairvoyance – if you don’t know who René Magritte is, look him up.

This is what we do with Wikipedia – or at least, what Gabe and Tycho do.

How Not to Talk to Your Kids – or why  not to tell them they’re smart.

Turning Bacteria Into Plastic Factories – Holy Crap. I hope this works.

And, to end on a light note again, A Craigslist Apology: To the Girl in the Parking Garage

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4 Responses to “THINGS FROM TEH INTARWEB, #2”

  1. deathbychiasmus Says:

    That’s a pretty legendary roommate story. I daresay, in fact, that it’s even more legendary than this:

  2. Sebatinsky Says:

    Chiasmus (Chia? DBC?), That is a crazy roommate tale. I approve.

    Holy crap.

  3. deathbychiasmus Says:


  4. Sebatinsky Says:

    Like Chi? I think I’ll just call you Chi.

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