The Blog Must Go On


Air Theremin’s thoughts and prayers (those of us who do that sort of thing) go out to the families involved in this terrible tragedy.

But I know Gryfft definitely wouldn’t want this to sideline the blog.  So, some inanity:

This morning I wake up way early because I’m going to do my 3-4-page paper on the bus to school.  Short paper, long bus.  Hopefully it’ll all w*rk out.  Anyway, tired that I am, I stumble and groggle to the fridge to find breakfast.  I putter around in there for a second, and then think to myself in that almost-out-loud way: “I’ll have one of those Spicy Black Bean Burgers.  And maybe a squirrel.  I mean, yogurt.”

Hey brain: what?

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One Response to “The Blog Must Go On”

  1. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Brains are pretty weird. You know how right before you go to bed, as you’re heading off to sleep, your thoughts start to make less and less sense? I remember one night, settling into bed after the 8-hour drive to my grandmother’s house, thinking just before I went to sleep: “My sock exists in an alternate dimension.”

    And I’m not entirely certain, but I’m fairly sure I meant the left sock.

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