I’m gonna keep AT’ing whenever I feel like it, but I may feel like it less often than usual.

Also, definitely y’all keep going with this thing. The Blog must go on. TBMGO. They be maybe giant oranges.

Anyway. Guess how my subconscious is dealing with death?

I can’t believe you guessed right! My dream last night was a zombie horror b-movie called “Bloodbath” in which my main character was terrified of blood at the beginning then ironically was the sole survivor of a zombie holocaust!

That’s right, my subconscious has an even sicker sense of humor than I do.

(The most terrifying part was the zombie mosquitoes or wasps or whatever the fuck they were– TERRIFYING)

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One Response to “Hah.”

  1. aricollins Says:

    I’ve had tons of dreams since Laura died. Including one recently that exactly took my Time Travel To Relive Your Last Year With A Loved One story idea, that’s always been implicitly about Laura, and made it explicitly about Laura.

    Seriously, your subconscious always knows more than you do. Fucking elitist subconsciouses.

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