Read “John Dies At The End” Before It’s Too Late!


This is half a reminder to myself.  Even though I’m really getting into House of Leaves, and maybe you’re really into another book yourself, or you don’t have much time, you’d better make time buddy boy.  Because John Dies At The End, available for free online for so long, is being pulled from the web a week from tomorrow, on the 30th.  He doesn’t say why, though I’m guessing it’s either because he’s re-releasing it in hard copy, or maybe even something relating to the movie rights.  (!)  It’s a fanastic mix of humor and horror that doesn’t half-ass either.  GO.  READ.  IT.  (Also, check out the post below this one.  It’s almost as important.)

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5 Responses to “Read “John Dies At The End” Before It’s Too Late!”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    There is very little chance that I’ll finish in that time. I’ll be honest, I made a PDF copy of the story so I can read it later. I dunno how legitimate that is, but the thing is available free, and I do want to read it. 🙂

  2. gryfft Says:

    I doubt Wong would pursue you with legal threats and so forth, since he HAS put it online for free blah blah blah, but if there is a piece of webfiction worth buying in hardcopy, it’s JDATE.

  3. annoying Says:

    Dang it! I started reading that and then got distracted. Now it’s too late. Hopefully there’ll be a dead tree copy I can borrow from the library someday.

  4. IceAngel262 Says:

    OMG! Does anyone have it? I never finished it! TT.TT It was so much to read! Such a great story!

  5. Ty Eastman Says:

    He doesn’t die at the end what the fuck

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