What I love this Thursday


1. That someone, somewhere, makes a living as a “golf librarian.”

2. Mini cliff bars

3. Playing computer lab musical chairs at my school, as all the labs are used for classes at different times of the day.

4. Kittens

5. Automatic soap dispensers

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2 Responses to “What I love this Thursday”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    Who makes a living as a “golf librarian?” WHO?

    I must meet this person.

  2. annoying Says:

    1. What exactly is a “golf librarian”? A research librarian who specializes in golf? Or a librarian who plays golf?

    2. Are you talking about some kind of tavern? A pipe? An energy bar? If you are talking about the last, that sounds pretty good.

    3. Sounds like budget cuts fun.

    4. They’re always so cute and cuddly.

    5. As long as they have soap in them.

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