My Girlfriend Won’t Let Me Have An American Motorcyclist Association Card


Granted, that’s because I’ve never ridden a motorcycle.  But I just think it would be fun to have my debit card have a picture of a motorcycle and the AMA logo on it.

Actually, her real problem with it isn’t that I would be using it to puzzle clerks who see me swipe the card.  (Sample imaginary dialogue: “Oh, you bike?”  “No.”  “…”)  Although she did respond to that idea with, “I’m taking Postmodernism away from you.”  No, the problem is that we instead got Defenders of Wildlife cards so that a donation is made to that fine organization each time we buy something.  And unfortunately (I asked), you can’t have the motorcycle on your card and still be giving donations to wildlife.

Maybe I’ll make a separate donation to Defenders of Wildlife each year while getting the motorcycle card?  It’s an idea.

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2 Responses to “My Girlfriend Won’t Let Me Have An American Motorcyclist Association Card”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hey, Ari– got your note on my blog from a while ago, thanks!

    I love reading the 55 word stories– there are a bunch of us now who are working on them, I’m trying to get as many people over to your site as possible.

    I’ll send you some stuff as soon as I get around to writing some more. Do you take submissions that are posted elsewhere, ie, my own blog, or do you like original stuff mostly?

    Thanks for reading, and I’ll send some stories your way soon!

  2. aricollins Says:

    Hey Kate! Thanks for responding. You have no idea how happy it makes me that not only are you getting back to me, but you may be bringing others with you.

    You can certainly just send me an email and be all, “Consider everything on Obscuritads submitted to you now.” Doesn’t have to be new. New is good also though obviously of course.

    We also have a forum for feedback, though I have to kick the asses of some of my feedbackers to make sure they go there more often. It’s at


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