Some 55 Drafts, A Few Words Over Each


If you get the inkling to be a’tinkling…  wait that’s not what I meant to say.

If you get the inkling to give feedback on these stories, visit the 55 A Day Peer Review Forum.  Other half-formed stories await your perusal also.



by Ari Collins

You burn my eyes, my flesh, the soles of my feet. You breathe so much hot air, the heat makes me see things. You’re on fire yourself, but you won’t burst. You’re burning down, burning out. No spectacle, only sparks left, nostalgic embers.

Every morning, I hope you’ll wake too. After your cremation, we’ll all watch the ashes. And hope.

Sexual Geometry

The sex is just… she doesn’t fit me, man. No, I don’t mean down there. Jackass. It’s like… her shoulder’s too small for my hand. Her back arches too much for me to put my arms around her right. Her right knee always bangs against my left. It’s all wrong.

Anyway, I guess I’ll keep looking for my golden mean.

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