Fun with Words


Some words that occurred to me recently:

Adventer or inventurer.  Mix of inventer and adventurer.  Nikola Tesla?  Also, “advent” means beginning, so even more than “adventurer” this could mean beginner.  As in one who begins things, preferably, not one who is a newbie.

Related: inventured servant.  A robot?  Someone who has made themselves into a lackey by demoting or devolving theirself?

Horrent.  Like abhorrent, but without the rock hard ab.  A steam of horror (horror + torrent)?  Or would a horrible torrent be something horrible you downloaded?  Perhaps to YR BRAIN.  Would horrent be a terrible thing that rips something apart (horror plus rent)?  Would it rip people, worlds, dimensions?  Or would a horrible rent be my apartment near Fenway?  (Ba dum cha ow.)  Would a horrent be a PLANT that rips things (horticulture + rent)?  Are those last couple ideas horrents themselves?

Good times with words.

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