55: The Book – Update


Send in your 55-word stories to http://55aday.blogspot.com to have a chance to get in the boo!

So now I’m thinking probably 55 55s would be included. That would bring the price down to about $5.30. Also, I’d have to decide how to choose them. Probably a group of people? I’d be afraid to choose too many by the Air Theremin group, especially my own, for fear of appearing biased. We’ll see.

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One Response to “55: The Book – Update”

  1. annoying Says:

    I was thinking about suggesting a play on the 55 thing.

    I think you shouldn’t exclude the Air Theremin group form consideration though. But, I can understand not wanting to appear biased.

    You might consider doing more than one book, at least eventually. So, you could call this ‘Book 1’ or something, and maybe do another book every year or so. It kinda depends on how well the first one does, I guess.

    If you include author comments, you could group the stories by author. Or, you could group stories by theme or topic.

    You might consider picking stories that get a lot of comments, or reader reaction.

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