Check me ouuut


So, I (Sebatinsky) am the newest blogger on the roster. The folks here invited me because they’d seen me over at my blog, An Obtrusive Reader.

I’m happy to join the crew, and I’d like to ask everybody to check out my other stuff. It may come as a suprise even to Ari, who invited me, but I’ve got a decent amount of art posted here. Visual art, that is.

So check me out.

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10 Responses to “Check me ouuut”

  1. aricollins Says:

    Welcome to Air Theremin, Sebatinsky.

    And yeah, I didn’t even know you were a visual artist. You were invited for your literature reviews, and now we all get a special bonus!

    Feel free to put your DeviantArt site or any other project of yours under the Our Projects. Or just tell me to if you don’t know WordPress well enough yet.

  2. thepiratelibrarian Says:

    How do I know you’re not a zombie?

  3. What I love this Thursday « Air Theremin Says:

    […] Air Theremin Artists Artisting Together « Check me ouuut […]

  4. Sebatinsky Says:



    I mean, of course I’m not a zombie, why would you think such a braains!

  5. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Welcome to the party, Seb. (May I call you Seb?)

    I like your sense of humor already.

  6. Sebatinsky Says:

    Sure, Seb is fine, as is Sebs (which is what Ari has taken to calling me). “Batinsky,” not so much.

  7. annoying Says:


  8. gryfft Says:

    So, Asimov much?

    Also, Annoying: Sorry babe, but Seb’s the new guy. It’s me or Ari you want to beg for membership.
    Or, if you actually want to get in, don’t beg, just write awesomely.

  9. Sebatinsky Says:

    Just remember to spell my name with an ‘S,’ Gryfft, and we’ll be alright

  10. annoying Says:

    I was half joking. I was just basically trying to say (in a fun way) that it’s cool that you have a new member. I didn’t think Seb could ‘get me in’, but I figured the rest of you read most of the things posted, so you’d see that I liked the fact that you added a new member.

    Also, I don’t write anything awesomely; mediocre, maybe; sub par, sure; awesomely, absolutely not. Besides, I don’t know what I’d do if I were a member; I can post comments, that’s good enough for me.

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