55 A Day – The Book?


Using Lulu.com, I could sell a, say, 100-page 55 A Day collection for $7. Before shipping. That’s the lowest price do-able, and at that price I would make NO profit. Which is probably for the better anyway, as it would be tough by itself to get permission from each author, let alone distribute funds to them all or tell them that I’m the only one making money off their writing.

It would be a large project to select 100 stories and get permission from all the authors. But it might be awful fun, too. And to have your story published (even if it costs like $10 (with shipping) and makes you no money and barely anyone ever buys it) would be pretty cool.

Maybe with a bit of commentary by the author? That might be cool also.

Just thinking out loud.

P.S. We are the #1 Google result for “Theremin Penis”. We have also been found by someone searching for “rogers dalhausser fiction”. It doesn’t appear that there’s any fanfiction (slash?) for Rogers and Dalhausser, but apparently there’s at least one person who wants it.

2 Responses to “55 A Day – The Book?”

  1. Sebatinsky Says:

    I like the idea of the book, but honestly, I’m not going to buy it. Of course, that /is/ the advantage of print on demand. 🙂

    Also, I’ve shot you an email, Ari.


  2. annoying Says:

    It’s an interesting idea, but you’re right, it is fraught with potential problems. You could just use your own stories and those of your friends, but that might not be very fun. You could even include stories that aren’t on the site (that would be exclusive to the book). I’d suggest picking more than will fit in the book, knowing that some people will say no.

    (And I still think the penis thing was because of this.)

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