Journal Through Time – Three More Ideas


Click here for the original holy host of ideas, if you’re curious.  And now, some additional twist ideas:

1. If Levi is passing down the journal maybe there are other ideas he can pass on, maybe he’s an inventor (explains the time machine) and he could invent some other things, he’d have infinite time (if you stretch the definition of “he”) if he keeps passing the notebook down, he could invent some of he fun stories I’ve always wanted to write about sentient alarm clocks and toilets.  Maybe if he built the time machine he could be an inventor.  OR if he was sold the time machine then he would have infinite time to reverse-engineer it, which would be an interesting story.  Maybe that would give him the technolgoies to build other things, then he wouldn’t have to be a supersmart inventor, just a really good engineer.


2. Maybe in an absurdly cyclical way he could eventually reverse engineer it enough to build a copy that would take him to the ORIGINAL Levi’s timeline, where he would either purposefully or accidentally give it to himself, so no one actually built the time machine in a wird way (they used this on Babylon 5).  Then the Last Levi could live on, maybe disguised (or genetically altered?) as soeone else.  So he could live a normal life from then on, and the Original Levi wouldn’t recognize him as he gave him the machine.  Maybe he wouldn’t even know he was back at the beginning because at some point one of the prisoner-Levis angrily ripped out the first part of the journal.  (Though how do we then have it in our book?)  And also a further idea is maybe it’s not as cyclical as you think because there’s some subtle different between the original scene where he gets the machine and the one where he gives it, maybe so subtle he didn’t notice and thinks it’s cyclical, though this would imply it could still be cyclical just a larger cycle.

3. Maybe the time machine is sentient.  Anyone ever written that?  Could be fun.  Maybe it even becomes sentient somehow.  I’m thinking it could be time traveling by creating a giant network between time machines, and that network could become complex enough to be sentient.  Separate story prolly, but would be fun to w*rk in.


That’s it for now.

2 Responses to “Journal Through Time – Three More Ideas”

  1. Ideas | Demotivationals Posters Says:

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  2. annoying Says:

    1. Cool! You took my idea and ran with it. And made it better, too.

    I like the reverse-engineering idea.

    2. Interesting. I like the idea of it not actually being the same, but similar enough that it’s not immediately noticeable.

    3. I like it. I don’t know if it’s been done or not; but even if it has been, it probably hasn’t been overdone, or you’d have heard of it.

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