What I Love this Thursday


1. McCain’s VP choice (in an ironic, liberal way).

2. Laser printers.

3. Vanilla soy milk.

4. Nostalgia.

5. Questionable Content.

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4 Responses to “What I Love this Thursday”

  1. Dr. Ethiopia Says:

    #1, sounds like it shouldn’t be your #1. LOL

    Really. HOw is someone unheard of exciting? I think it is all a big joke McCain trying to pull on people.

  2. thepiratelibrarian Says:

    I mean, that’s exactly what I mean. I support Obama, so I’m thrilled that she seems like such a bad pick.

  3. gryfft Says:

    Dr Ethiopia, were you actually going through every blog to mention McCain?

    Also, how did I miss this post? Silly Je—Gretch—PirateLibrarian posting between my posts.

  4. annoying Says:

    1. Heh. That’s not the reason I would have picked. I think it’s funny that he made such a big deal about Obama having no experience, but picks a VP with so little. (Or, possibly, that he’s trying to get the female vote, I don’t know.) I know, I know, they keep saying she has tons of it, but I’m not buying it. But, it’s not like I was going to vote for him anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

    2. My first thought was Dr. Evil and his lasers. Silly, I know.

    After reading the article, well, ‘WOW’ seems appropriate. Fast, effective, possibly deadly; interesting article.

    3. Yeah, soy milk is pretty good. I missed real milk, though.

    4. That takes me back.

    5. I keep hearing about that. Maybe I should start reading it; but it would take some time to get through the archives.

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