Short Short (but “well” over 55 words long)


The Sumerians liked the number 60, and they invented clocks or something, so we measure time in 60s. But when I’m at w*rk, it’s depressing to think there’s five more hours until lunch break, so I count decimal time. 300 minutes is five hours, but it’s only three Seamus Hours. When there’s 50 minutes until dinner break, I’d rather say, “half a Seamus Hour” than “almost an hour left.”

When I’ve showered my jobs off me and crawled into bed, I’ve got five hours next to you. That’s much more than 3 Seamus hours.

[Gretchen rates this one a 6.5 and says it’s “standard Collins”, which is fair. She also thinks I need to edit the last two sentences into one sentence, which bears looking at.]

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