New 55: Who knows?


I’m crafting this into a story.

One two three four five six seven eight nine.

Ten eleven twelve. Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteeen, seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty. Twenty one,
twenty two. Twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty six; twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine.


Thirty one, thirty two; thirty three thirty four thirty five. Thirty six thirty seven thirty eight, thirtynine, forty. forty one forty two forty three, forty four? forty five.

“forty six, forty seven forty eight forty nine?” fifty fifty one.

fifty two fifty three, “fifty four fifty five.”


Each ‘number’ is going to be a word. I’m going to keep the punctuation and whatnot.

See you on the other side.


It all started when I found out I’m psychic.

I was twelve. She was maybe sixteen, and she was beautiful. Unattainable.
I didn’t know that then; I wanted her. Bad.

Disaster, obviously; she spurned me. Then told everyone, teachers, parents. But I- embarassed, me? No.

“Think, you’ll stop me?” tooth smile.

Last words: “No, I’ll-”


With some minor tweaks I think I could make this brilliant. Damn restriction.

One Response to “New 55: Who knows?”

  1. annoying Says:

    So, which came first, the numbered version or the wordy one?

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