Apology and Dark Knight Review


Really I’m back. For reals. Just had some last-minute beer to drink. No big.

Bleakly will resume Monday or the point during the weekend that I finish outlining Act Two.

Hit the jump for my review of The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight:

Iron Man is the best superhero movie of the summer.


The Dark Knight is the best supervillain movie of the summer. Which is to say, there’s no way that Bale, even in his immense badassery, can begin to compare with Downey’s fast-talking charm. Bale broods, he’s badass, he is everything Batman needs to be (and everything Wayne needs to be as well.)

But that’s not where this movie succeeds. This movie takes the concepts of the one-dimensional villain who blows crap up for fun, or the murdering psychopath who enjoys killing, or the greedy bastard who’s in it for the money, and turns them all right on their heads without a thought. We’ve seen those villains before. We’ve seen them and I retroactively remain unimpressed. Look at Iron Man’s villain: A greedy, Machiavellan parody of a father figure. That’s… that’s not a villain in the sense of true, palpable evil.

Let me say this in the most certain terms I can use. Let me say this in a way that throws down the glove in a way that I haven’t seen anyone else make this statement.

Ledger’s Joker gives Darth Vader a run for his money as the greatest movie villain of all time.

I am dead serious. In the first thirty seconds the Joker was on-screen he did something so unexpected, so gruesome, suddenly and without hesitation, something in short so unabashedly evil that he had me whispering “oh fuuuuuuuuuck” in total awe.

And I stayed that way for the rest of the movie.

Out of Ten Stars: GO SEE IT TWICE.

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5 Responses to “Apology and Dark Knight Review”

  1. annoying Says:

    Yay, impending Bleakly!

    I’d like to see The Dark Knight, but will probably wait until it’s on DVD to watch it.

  2. gryfft Says:

    Don’t wait.

  3. Sonja Says:

    Ledger’s Joker gave me goosebumps more than once — and that’s the first time an onscreen villain has ever done that to me.

  4. annoying Says:


    I’d like to see it on the big screen, but I may not have much of a choice. I’m pretty sure one of my brothers will pick it up on DVD though, so I’ll watch it then.

  5. Sebatinsky Says:

    So, I just saw Dark Knight, and I was pleased. I was a little hesitant to believe the hype, because most of the folks saying this movie was brilliant also thought that Batman Begins was great, and I disagree. That whole movie was like sitting in the theater with a series of people growling “FEAR, fear, feeaar, Fear, FEAR FEAR FEAR!”

    Dark Knight was a significant improvement, and I agree that it was Ledger’s Joker that did it. Obviously the script writers deserve credit there as well.

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