Just a Child II: Know Your Strength


(An illustrated 55-word story, inspired by previous writings)

“What was I thinking?” Chris asked the empty locker room, towel-drying his hair furiously. “Of course she knows Doctor Schaffer. She’s only class head! She probably thinks I’m retarded.” He stood.

Chris swore, punching the locker. He felt his claws flick, and when he saw three thin holes in the metal, he swore again.

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6 Responses to “Just a Child II: Know Your Strength”

  1. aricollins Says:

    Hey cool, I didn’t know you were gonna draw a picture too. Kickbum.

  2. aricollins Says:

    I wrote that because I am a nice person who does not swear.

  3. aricollins Says:

    The above is not really true.

  4. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Well, the Nice Person part is true, anyway. Do you think you could include the picture with the post on 55aday? That would kick ass.

    (“Kickass” does not count as a swear if you are referring to donkey abuse! No really!)

  5. aricollins Says:

    (It might not be a swear but I think it’s meaner that way. Donkey abuse is a serious problem in this country.)

    I dunno about including a picture… Lemme think about it. Like, I think it’s a good idea and all, and it’s certainly a good picture for the story, I just wanna make sure I’m not opening a can of worms or a can of beans or whatever’s in the can. Maybe one of those joke snakes pops out.

  6. annoying Says:

    😉 No fair; a picture is worth a thousand words. 😉

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