Did you miss me? (Rabid birds)


So I work at a library. This summer, part of my job is helping with the children’s summer reading program. (By helping I mean bribing children with prizes for reading books when they don’t have to). Yesterday, Moreland the Magician came to the library to put on a magic show as part of the program. I didn’t get to see the show. But I was there right before it, when the aforementioned magician came to my desk and asked if he could rubber cement some feathers to the wall as part of his act. (Not having wall/rubber cement clearance, I had to refer him to another staff member.) I was also there right after the show, when the twice aforementioned magician marched his entire audience (primarily children about ages three to ten) into the children’s section and said, in a semi-fake Australian accent, “Okay kids, let’s see if we can find where the rabid bird hit the wall!”

I was going to try to say something clever but I think I’ll just leave it at that.

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