Ramblin’ about Syracuse


So I’m only just starting to get a hang of living in our apartment in Syracuse when Gretchen’s mom needs us to dogsit her four dogs and ten cats, plus Gretchen’s brother’s dog. (Part of the reason I haven’t updated much lately.) But Syracuse is pretty sweet, or at least our little suburb is. Lots of trees, local ice cream places and diners and such, a movie theater and mall accessible by bus, library within walking distance. (Which reminds me that I’ve gotta get to reading House of Leaves already, which I just found in a moving box.)

The best part of our apartment so far (which I miss, since I’ve been living at Gretchen’s mom’s for the dog-sitting) is that it has an Olympic-sized swimming pool that for some reason none of the other tenants ever use. It’s sweet.

More later.

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