This is an Out(r)age!


So it was thunderstorming this afternoon, and the power went out briefly…

What did our fearless hero do? Click on the first panel, shown above, to see the rest of the comic!

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3 Responses to “This is an Out(r)age!”

  1. gryfft Says:

    I think I speak for us all when I say I believe you have successfully found one of the best ways not to spend a power outage.

  2. annoying Says:

    Are you also the person who got the “do not use in shower” warning on hairdryers? 😉 And seriously, why are you wearing your glasses in the shower? So you can see better in the dark?

    Though, it’s a funny comic.

  3. deathbychiasmus Says:

    I exaggerated a couple of things for the sake of the comic. The glasses-wearing is one of them. Also, I did have the good sense to light a candle in the bathroom before climbing into the shower.

    Glad y’alls enjoyed the comic! I just said “y’alls.”

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