A non-comprehensive list of books that I want to write in no particular order.

Click to read.

  1. I Lost 2,000 Pounds AND YOU CAN TOO
  2. The Care And Feeding Of Termites For Fun And Profit (And Revenge)
  3. The Life And Times Of An Internet Troll
  4. How To Brush Your Teeth (And Other Stories)
  5. How To Have Sex Quietly
  6. This Book Is About Your Mother. (Seriously. Pick it up. What, You Chicken?)
  7. I Wrote This To Pay Bills (And Buy Drugs)
  8. Is It Okay To Say “F*** In The Title?
  9. F*** My Publisher
  10. Seriously, F*** Those F***ing W****s
  11. Fire And You
  12. All About Penises (For The Novice Or Hobbyist)
  13. Nice Try, But I’m Still Racist
  14. How To Write A Bestseller
  15. Harry, The Hangover That Could
  16. Parenting Isn’t The Answer


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