Early Draft of a New 55-Word-Story, Currently Untitled


by Ari Collins

You only stayed that night because you broke up with me too late and the T wasn’t running anymore, but I in my desperation thought we could get one more goodbye fuck in.  I lay awake long after you, listening to you snore, almost-crying with loneliness, hornyness, and, above all, a strange pre-nostalgia.

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7 Responses to “Early Draft of a New 55-Word-Story, Currently Untitled”

  1. annoying Says:

    Are you counting “pre-nostalgia” as one word or two?

    Maybe you could use the word “break-up” in your title; like “The Strange Break-up” or “The Almost Break-up” or something.

  2. Ari Collins Says:

    Pre-nostalgia is one word (since “pre” is not a word on its own), but yeah, that does mean I’m at 54 words (I think). But this story needs a lot of work anyway.

    Thanks for the input and the general commentiness. Also, annoying, who the heck ARE you?

  3. annoying Says:

    I’m annoying. I thought that was pretty obvious.

    Are you thinking of banning me, or something?

  4. gryfft Says:

    Nah, you’re just sort of out of the blue. Wish we had more like ya.

  5. annoying Says:

    Oh, ok.

    I just pointed out the “pre-nostalgia” thing because the word count was off.

    I don’t know what more of me would do, but I’m glad to know I’m appreciated.

    Being “annoying” started out as a bit of a joke. I wanted to “OOK!” on one of AE’s sites and thought it’d be the perfect name. I thought OOKing was mildly annoying, but the anti-OOKers were more annoying. But, then I started using it for other stuff. I could use one of my other “names” if you’d like.

  6. Ari Collins Says:

    Well, at least that explains what site you found us through. I’ve never been a refresh monkey, but: OOK!

    Use whatever name you’d like. Didn’t mean to come off as so aggressive, just curious. The more the merrier, I always say. Of course, I also say, “If it’s brown, flush it down, but if it’s yellow, let it mellow,” so you probably shouldn’t listen to me.

  7. annoying Says:

    Yeah, that’s how I found 55-a-day, and subsequently this site. If anything, I’m a periodic refresh monkey, but the anti-OOKers made a bigger deal about OOKing then was necessary. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s easy to skim past all the OOKers and ### (1st, top 10, etc.), so I decided to throw my weight behind the OOKers because AE doesn’t mind them so why should anyone else on those sites complain so much about them. I know of another site that says all OOK-like comments will be deleted. I think that’s as it should be; the site manager(s) should decide, not the other commenters.

    I’m not sure if I should be encouraged or discouraged by your second paragraph. 😉 But it sounds like it’s ok for me to stick around. If I shouldn’t listen to you, then I can a least listen to gryfft. All in all, I’m glad to be here.

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