Wwwwwwwwweeeiiiiiiirrrrrrrddddddd 55 Searches


Someone found 55aday using some odd searches. I mean, you’ve got your regular searches, which is mostly things like “55-word story” and “short stories” and the only-slightly-irregular “beautiful short people”, and then you’ve got your searches for our authors (one of them was for my old pen name, and it wasn’t even me searching for myself!). And then you’ve got your searches for specific kinds of stories, which, given our wide variety of themes here, seem to find us fairly often. Today we had “timeline short story”, “short story about plants”, and “clash of culture short story”. And then we got the weird ones:

1. “most disturbing short stories”
2. “tied up stories”
3. “short stories about the nose” (?)
4. “ever read that story about the guy that could only say 100 words a day, and by the end of the day he always mad” (?! I wonder what the full thing he was trying to type in was, or what story he’s talking about. Also, who does he think he’s talking to?)
5. And last but not least, someone who searched entered three things in quotes: 1. “exam table” 2. “nurse” and 3. “your own good”

I love the webternet.

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