Miniature Golf, and Feelings


Tonight we went miniature golfing, my parents and aunt and uncle and cousin and I.  Just after finishing hole eleven, looking down at my family from the walkway at the top of the stairs, I felt like life was too wonderful.

This is an unusual feeling for me.  Usually I feel that life is just wonderful enough, or perhaps not wonderful enough.  Rarely do I feel that it’s so good that I might burst from wonder, like all the excellence of life might be devastatingly joyous to a flawed being like myself.  Do you ever feel that life is too wonderful for you?  What makes you feel like life is dangerously, precipitously delicious?

In other news, hole 17 was shaped like a penis.

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6 Responses to “Miniature Golf, and Feelings”

  1. gryfft Says:

    Holy crap, you’re back.

    Draw us comics now.

  2. Ari Collins Says:

    I find that miniature golf gives me that feeling very often. I think that more people ought to play the game. It is infinitely better than “regular” golf. Or anything else, for that matter.

    As to life being too wonderful for me… yeah, the back of my mind is always sputtering terrors about the state of the world and my life. but there are things that fill my mind up so full that the sputters stop. Mostly those things are Gretchen. But also really fantastic, full-sounding music. The kind of music that has presence, that completely fills the space around you, smothers you in rhythm and melody and counter-rhythm and counter-melody. And such.

  3. deathbychiasmus Says:

    Thank you for sharing, Ari. It is interesting to know what freaks you out and what assuages the freakingness. Music is truly a magical thing, and when I come back from vacation tomorrow, I will be able to finally check out those remixes of Green Day that you sent me the link to.

    Gryfft, you didn’t share your feelings! Come on now. Gosh.

  4. gryfft Says:

    I feel like you should draw us a new header.

    Also, are you referring to the American Edit album? That is so amazing of an album.

  5. deathbychiasmus Says:

    DAAAAH that was you who sent me the link to it Gryfft

    i feel so stupid now durghhhh

  6. annoying Says:

    A penis you say? First, the Virgin Mary is a vagina; now, a mini golf hole is a penis. What’s next?

    You shouldn’t be surprised that it reminded me of this.

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