Bleakly Thirteen


Unlucky number 13 whoa-oh.

I was being carried. Every part of me was tingling and I had trouble putting one thought in front of another. I almost wished I had all my old problems.

My non-acquaintance the monologuer was very busy yelling at someone at about the point I’d recovered enough of myself to hear.“We’ve got no use for him anymore. He’s gone totally starkers, anyone could see that. He won’t be missed. Make him disappear.”

To read the rest of today’s Thomas Bleakly, PI, click here.

Also, today marks the day that I officially have written over 10,000 words of Thomas Bleakly, Private Eye.

Here’s to small milestones!

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One Response to “Bleakly Thirteen”

  1. annoying Says:

    10,000 words, nice! Congratulations on making that milestone! Good luck on making your next one!

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